About Build to Suit


The idea behind the build-to-suit concept is to shift all aspects of tower siting-including zoning, construction and maintenance, to a third party. Carriers, increasingly burdened with competitive pressures, now can pass the time, capital and risk involved with tower siting to a vendor and focus their money on their core business, say build-to-suit companies.

This means all aspects, from site entitlement to initial construction of the tower and compound, are completed by the BTS Company They in turn lease the space on the tower and in the compound to the carrier. This means theoretically that the initial capital expenditure for the carrier is much less.

34 Group’s senior staff has successfully deployed networks from yesterday’s cellular systems to today's cutting edge technologies such as PCS, Digital  Cellular and LMDS. We have developed all types of cell sites, including monopoles, lattice towers, flag poles, tree poles, rooftops, in building sites and stealth screened sites.