The beginning of the construction company...


Fulton Johnson established the ProFast Construction company in 1989 while in his third year of his professional football career with the Buffalo Bills. At the age of 26, his first and greatest project was building his mother a new home. Since, Mr. Johnson has lived and breathed multiple business ventures all revolving around construction. He has made a total commitment to a vision that was pre-arranged for success.

From the onset, Mr. Johnson’s approach to construction and business was the same focus and commitment that it took to play professional football in the NFL. Knowing that hard work and
persistence pays off, Mr. Johnson also understood the value of a good reputation and the benefits of great relationships. 

The first 5 years of the business, our focus was on residential construction that would consist of anything from a small to large renovation to building a new home from a custom set of plans. Towards the 7 to 10 year span of the companies’ existence, our focus changed to procuring more commercial work, particularly interior tenant finishes. Over the last 16 years, we have developed a culture of quality and performance around our project delivery process that delivers, every time, every project. Our interior construction team aggressively and willingly uses the process, so we can deliver every time, every project.

Our employees, vendors, suppliers and partner affiliates, have been a vital part of our success and our continued commitment to success. Interior Construction has consistently been at the forefront of our business and an important source of revenue and volume for the company.

In 2014, ProFast become a part of 3480 Group. As the CEO, and on behalf of our ProFast team, our commitment to bring dynamic interior spaces to our valuable customers, from this point forward, as 3480 Interiors. We will continue to build upon the traditions and the foundations that are in place, and also challenge the future with new ideas and innovations.  3480 will strive to be the best company in our industry.

I never plan success. My philosophy is if you do your job right, take care of your people and look out for your client’s best interest, the end result of this combination is success.
— Fulton Johnson, CEO