About Generators

Standby power generators providing a reliable, clean and cost effective 24/7 power back up for today’s cloud and mobile dependent companies is absolutely critical. In the event of commercial power loss, stand by generators deliver either A/C or D/C voltage automatically to many types of infrastructures- including cell sites, data centers, back haul, hubs, hospitals and other buildings. All rely on standby power generators to provide constant service to their populous and emergency services.

There are many factors related to types and size of units installed such as location, output, physical size and weight, sound levels and variable types of fuel (Gas, Diesel, Natural Gas) available to name a few. Changes in technologies in the wireless sector and generator manufactures now allow for smaller generators to be used at space constrained sites where in the past would not allow for installations.

Wireless companies have realized the necessity for more power back up throughout their networks after major incidents where commercial power was lost, in some cases over a week. They can also receive fines for generators that are too loud or stay on for a certain period of time, which contributes to air and noise pollution in an area.

34 Group is able to provide the services required to implement everything from site acquisition services related to Generator footprint at the site, to procurement and installation of the generator at the site. There are both AC and DC options to be utilized at the site, and 34 Group is capable of providing either option.