Fulton Johnson
Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer

It is my pleasure to introduce you to 3480 Group, LLC. Our team has a vast amount of industry knowledge and valuable resources that makes our company one of the very best in the industry.
Our focus on serving the needs of our clients allows our clients to focus on their business and serving the needs of their customers.
The principals that oversee the direction and management of 3480 Group are seasoned professionals having over 60 years of combined business experience in wireless technology, construction/development, real estate and oil & gas.  Additionally, our company is aligned with a number of key strategic partners who provide additional benefits to our capabilities that gives us a significant advantage in the marketplace.
Our mission is simple but defined - success comes with a humanitarian responsibility to touch others in a positive and meaningful way.  At 3480, we will impact as many lives as humanly possible along the journey to success.
We realize that every client has an ultimate goal of value that outcome they are trying to achieve.  Integrity and an unwavering dedication to performance is 3480’s goal – every time, every project!