About Structural Modifications

Providers in the telecommunications and wireless industries continue to focus considerable attention on increasing the number of co-locations on each tower they have in inventory. Unfortunately, many of these structures were never designed to hold the additional loading that is now desired or changes in the building codes. Frequently, tower analysis reveals that adding another carrier to a tower could result in the structure becoming overstressed and potentially hazardous. This type of situation seriously limits a tower’s revenue generating capability and overall productivity.

Whether providing solutions for Monopole reinforcements (additional steel, bolt, weld methods, etc.) or DYWIDAG foundation systems, Williams rod installations, flat plate installations, A-Jax bolt method for Guyed Towers, Guy Wire replacement method or anchor shaft reinforcement, carriers want to make sure their towers can carry the load needed.

You can rely on 34 Group to handle your entire tower reinforcement project because we have the hands-on experience it takes to develop and implement the entire project from beginning to end. From tower and foundation design to manufacturing and installation, 34 Group can help you reinforce your structural needs.